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If you need assistance in using your account or have a question about the services we offer, email us at and a helpdesk ticket will be automatically created for you.

or call:
Henry Fawaz

We Guarantee:

  • An immediate confirmation with a Ticket ID of a ticket created in our Enterprise Ticket Management System.
  • Prompt response from one of our highly-qualified and experienced support staff members.
  • If we are unable to resolve/address your issue within 24 hours we will send you a phone number to contact us in person.

Why Email?

There are a few reasons we decided to implement email as the primary support solution for They are:

  1. When an email is received, incoming messages are scanned and routed to the appropriate support staff. Our trained and competent support staff provides clear, consistent, and complete answers to increase our customer satisfaction and reduce follow-ups.

  2. We maintain a knowledge base of frequently asked questions for a better service to our customers’ needs and requirements.

  3. The knowledge base is continually updated and improved, based on our staff's interactions with our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Designer FAQs

Q: What is Qualetes?
A: is a monthly pay-as-you-go service that allows you to easily create, generate, and re-generate the best looking eBay listings on the web. You upload videos and images directly into your template without ever having to copy or paste embed code! Every template has at least one image and video gallery custom to that template. Every template can be highly customized and takes a variety of shapes and forms depending on how much, or how little information you provide.

Q: Why Qualetes?
A: Qualetes provides the fastest and easiest way to create the best looking custom eBay templates on the web. Wow, that’s hard to say, it’s hard to believe we make it so easy. All you have to do is provide the details that you wish to display in your listing, upload images and videos, choose a template and you’re done! Just generate your code and copy it over to your HTML section in your eBay listing and you will have a great looking auction listing created within minutes.

Q: Is Qualetes free?
A: With a free account, you can create listings, upload images, add video, but you can’t generate any code. You will need to subscribe to to use your listings in eBay. When you subscribe, you will also be able to use any of our Standard templates instantly.

Q: How does it work / How do I get started?
A: First you have to create an account by clicking on the sign up link - and all you need is your email address. We will then email you a temporary password to use for the first time you log in to

After you have created an account and logged in, the first thing you should do is change your password. Next, you can create a new listing from the ‘my listings’ page and provide the requested details. To generate the code for eBay you must first subscribe to

Q: Can I really upload videos directly into my templates?
A: Yes absolutely! from you can upload and select videos from your YouTube account. You can also add videos by just typing YouTube video links. We take care of the rest!

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can upload or how many listings I can create?
A: Nope! You can upload as many images as you want and you can even put them into folders to keep better track of them. Videos are uploaded to your YouTube account so feel free to add as many of those as you want as well.

Q: Does Qualetes post my listings to eBay?
A: No, Qualetes just handles your HTML section. Building a system that does this requires users to learn an entire new platform and environment to do things that they already know how to do somewhere else. For this, we recommend using TurboLister or a similar product. At Qualetes we handle the design and customization aspect of your listing.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: You can sign up to for free and create as many listings as you want and even upload images and add videos. You can preview your listing with one sample listing, but you can’t generate code. The Standard Subscribtion to Qualetes enables you to use any of our Standard templates right away. To use the designer templates, you will have to pay an additional subscription to that designer based on the price that they have set. You can optionally purchase a custom design for a one time price, which gives you exclusive rights to use that template.

Q: How many templates does Qualetes have?
A: We just started in late February 2011 so we are working hard to add more and more templates. We need help from the community so if you are a designer or know designers that want to make some extra money, refer them to! They should be able to find plenty of information from there.

Q: What if I want a custom template?
A: We offer custom designs and will be adding more and more into the future. If you want a design made specifically for you, you can contact us for a quote at

Q: Are your designs exclusive to or can I find them somewhere else?
A: Our designs are 100% exclusive to If you find them elsewhere, please let us know and we will give you a 15% reward on any compensation received. Stealing designs is not looked at lightly and compensation and fees can be extremely high.

Q: Can I customize and change the template from listing to listing?
A: Yes each template can be customized in a variety of ways and not always the same way. Certain templates offer a lot of customization while others (Standard templates) may not offer as much. By leaving things blank, you can usually exclude it from the listing unless that field was specified as “required” by the designer. Each template may have different required and optional fields so feel free to browse around and find the one that works best for you.

Designer FAQs

Q: How do I make designs for
A: Start by creating a designer account. Click on ‘My Designs’ in the navigation and then ‘Create New’ from there. Follow the instructions, read the How To section and go from there. By creating a new listing, or from the create a new designs page you can find the list of customization options that Qualetes offers. You can then create your designs with these customization options. We plan to offer a forum for designers as soon as we can. You are also free to use email support, but we will only address your concerns after addressing the concerns of paying customers so a response could take a little longer. After submitting your design, you may receive a feedback.

Q: How much does Qualetes pay?
A: We give out anywhere between 25% to 80% of royalties on designs. Approved PSD and AI files are worth 25% and from there, the more work you do for us, the more we will give you. We offer an additional 15% for HTML / CSS, another 15% for valid (raw) JavaScript, and another 20% for valid PHP logic that will generate the template. For more information on how to do all this, see the How To section on the Create A New Design page.

Q: Can I team up with designers / developers?
A: Absolutely. All we need is a single PayPal account to distribute your funds. How you divide it from there, is up to you entirely! In fact, we recommend that you team up with people as we will only be able to add more designs to as a result.

Q: Where can I find more information about the submission process?
A: Start from the Create A New Design page and read the How To section. We will be adding more and more information for designers as the site progresses and evolves.

Support Types

We provide the following types of support via our Enterprise Ticket Management System:

  • Customer care

  • Technical support

  • Order fulfillment

  • Verification

  • Query resolution

Send an email to and a ticket will be generated for your account. We respond back with our attempt to answer your question / concern the best we can.

The process repeats until you are presented with a worthy solution.